“Air Cargo is a dynamic and fast paced industry, and those that are able to respond swiftly and intelligently to industry developments are the ones that will thrive.”

Solutions - Airlines

Our Solution are designed to reduce / eliminate paper and promote e-Freight and help our customers deliver on the promise they make to their clients – getting their cargo to their destinations safely, cost-effectively, on time and providing total visibility using powerful tracking.

Sales and operations

Our Solutions are designed to empower you with the precise information required to boost sales, provide complete control over the sale , operation and management of Cargo.

Reservation and Booking : Reservations and Bookings can be made via easy to use interfaces and can be easily customised . Once Reservation is captured system will start monitoring the Reservation and start sending alerts to customers at various milestones.

Schedule Management: Creates & Maintains flight schedules with all characteristics including aircraft type and available capacity. Import Flight schedules from OAG / SSIM Formats, easily extend, replicate schedules.

Flight Capacity Control: Provide real time view to flight performance - capacity utilization, revenue & yield, overbooking etc. – enabling controllers to adjust rules real time to optimize usage.

Airline Cargo Operations: Includes full functionality of Cargo Operations such as Acceptance, AWB capture, Flight manifesting & Departure, Arrival & Delivery.

Tariff and Rating: Creates & Maintains Air Cargo rates including TACT (IATA), Market/Published rates as well as highly specific and contract rates.

Shipment Tracking: Provides Real time view of Shipment progress, Tracking can integrated seamless with your website and is available as Mobile app for your customers.

AWB Stock Control: Maintains AWB stock and monitors usage and current stock levels.

Cargo Terminal Operations

Be it an airline handling its own shipments at self-handled facilities in its network or a Ground Handling Agents that provide cargo handling facilities to carriers at specific airports, CTO modules has the functionality and is eFreight / e-AWB ready..

Export Operations: Full Export activities required to handle the outbound movement of cargo. Functionality starts from the check in and acceptance of shipment to closure of the flight after departure.

Import Operations: Activities required to handle Inbound cargo from the time an FFM is received, creation pre-manifest, thought to unloading from the aircraft and until the cargo is delivered to the consignee.

Transfers: Facilitates transfer of cargo between carriers, between different flights of the same carrier, ramp or quick transfers and transfers through the warehouse.

Station Cashiering: Facilitates over the counter revenue transactions such as those associated with documentation of export AWBs or at the import side prior to shipment delivery.

Warehouse Management: Supports warehouse operations like configuration of physical storage spaces, storage of cargo, and retrieval of stored cargo.

Charges Administration: Creates and Administer various terminal charges from an end customer or shipper point of view.


Our CRM solution is designed to help you sell, service and market smarter. You can use this tool to easily Log, manage and analyze all customer activity in one place and engage with the customer. This has been specifically developed with Cargo in mind.

Dashboards : Various Dashboard to provide an overview Daily / Weekly Call statuses, Revenue Management, Account Management, Customer Engagement, Sales Force Effectiveness, Coaching and Management.

Revenue Accounting

Airway bill Data is seamlessly transferred to the Revenue Accounting sub-system on real time basis, thus automatic the Accounting process, eliminating data duplication or manual data capture. This leads to faster and more accurate billing and reduced billing disputes over errors due to manual intervention.

Export Billing:Generates invoices for GSAs or Freight Forwarders or Shippers, at per Airwaybill or based on configurable billing periods.

CASS Billing: Generates CASS billing file [ AWM / DCM ] based on IATA CASS Technical Specification for all the applicable CASS enabled countries.

Import Billing: Automatic creation & generates invoices for Collect Shipments to Various Stations in the Airline’s Network.

Interline Billing &Proration: Calculates payables & receivables based on interline shipments carried in own or other airline sectors.

Safely, Cost-effectively, On time and providing total visibility using powerful tracking.