Our Profile

Decmar Limited was started in 1984 to develop software products and services for the freight forwarding industry and general sales agents of airlines. One of the first in the industry to offer Web-based solutions, our management team has an solid understanding of airline business and the necessary skills to help your company grow towards the future.

Our Strengths

Our strengths are domain expertise, innovation, capability, flexible engagement models and on-time delivery.

Innovation and product thinking!

We believe in innovation and product culture where software development does not mean merely producing the software according to the specification, but it is all about adding value through understanding the customer's business, their needs and delivering the software product which is "fit for purpose".

Leading edge technology expertise and superior architectural thinking.

We take pride in our ability to provide solutions based on superior architecture and leading edge technology to give our customers the competitive advantage.

A trusted R&D partner for our customers

We understand the agile nature of the business and hence the need to have flexibility on the capabilities and capacity of the R&D unit. Our business model will enable you to have the flexibility and to meet the unexpected demands without losing the opportunities.

Specialist domain expertise in logistics and financial services

We lay strong emphasis on in-depth subject matter knowledge. To ensure effective service to our customers, we make it mandatory for our software professionals to undergo a level of industry education. We also actively encourage our teams to complete industry compliance certifications offered by some of the best institutions in the world.

For further details please contact sales@decmar.co.uk.

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